Dragonshard Hunters

The Campaign So Far
Campaign Recap

Your adventure began with a call from the Gatekeepers. They sent out an open message to the Dragonmarked houses and Royalty of the land for some select adventurers. Dragonmarked individuals with expertise in tracking and acquiring were especially desired.

The response was less than what they’d hoped for. In the end, only three people were sent: Daroon, an insane wizard; Malkyr, a runaway Drow; and a Dwarf that came highly recommended. The Gatekeepers had to add one of their own members to bolter the group, a young Druid named Moira. Not long after the adventurers began their quest, a physical manifestation of Daroon’s sub-conscious appeared as Corin, the devastating Bard.

Five set out into the Eldeen Reaches to investigate sightings of the Cult of the Dragon Below, and to recover the Dragonshard of Brilliance from the Realm of Twilight. Cultists, Warforged, and a Unicorn all stood in their way but were easily overcome. Victorious and burdened with loot and the Dragonshard, they return to their contact, Vangkor of the Gatekeepers.


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